Google Campus London

Inside Google Campus, London

Google Campus London providing the bricks and mortar for budding tech entrepreneurs in London

In the week that was in it I had the opportunity to stop off at Google Campus in London’s Tech City  to see how Google is providing physical office space in the East end of London to enthusiastic developers and startup hopefuls.

“Europe’s tech startup community in the one building”

The idea is quite simple, provide a so called co-working “Open Space” in a seven story no-frills London building to give people a chance to test the next big thing since Facebook. From workshops, demos, hackathons to conferences, here budding tech entrepreneurs can liaise with the best of London’s startup world.


Google Campus, Streetview!

Google Campus, Streetview!


Google Campus

A new meaning to Google Search!


Google device testing

iOS or Android, will my next creation run across the board?


Google Café

Collective Creativity in the basement of Google Café


Cyber Café….redefined!

The Google Café on the basement floor is open access to everyone after registration. Here developers can network with graphic designers to marketers. In fact anyone interested in the startup experience can come along and check out and exchange amongst the cyber community. Tea and coffee are on constant supply and you can really get an air of technological thrust and creativity.

The building is also equipped with a Google Campus seminar room on the ground floor, giving some startup hopefuls a chance to pedestal pitch their project to potential business angels. The Campus rubs shoulders with some of the widely known start ups such as international seed investor SeedCamp, three year old technical entrepreneur workspace TechHub and budding shared working space provider Central Working. All three make up the founding partners for the Google Campus project in London.

Similar Google Campus models have been replicated across the States and in Europe, such as Google Campus Tel Aviv, and could yet be coming to a city near you.